Anticipated Resource Consent Process for WIAL’s Runway Extension Project

  1. An application for consents relating to the Runway Extension project was lodged by Wellington International Airport Limited (WIAL) with the Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council (Councils) on 28 April 2016 (Application).
  2. A request for the Application to be directly heard and decided by the Environment Court rather than the Councils was lodged at the same time (Direct Referral Request).
  3. The Greater Wellington Regional Council is taking the lead administration role for the processing of the Application.
  4. Greater Wellington Regional Council and Wellington City Council have now notified the application for resource consent which means that formal submissions on the project can now be made. The submission period is open for 30 working days. The application and submission form can be accessed at the Greater Wellington Regional Council website. All submissions must be received by 4.30 pm on Friday 12 August 2016.
  5. During the public submission period, the Councils will also decide the Direct Referral Request.
  6. If the Councils decline the Direct Referral Request then, unless that decision is appealed by WIAL, the Application will continue to be processed and heard by the Councils.
  7. If the Councils grant the Direct Referral Request, they will prepare a report on the Application that;
    1. provides an assessment under the relevant sections of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA);
    2. suggests any conditions that should be imposed if the Environment Court grants the Application; and
    3. includes a summary of submissions received.
  8. If WIAL chooses to continue with the Direct Referral, it must formally lodge a Notice of Motion in the Environment Court within 15 working days of receiving the Councils’ report.
  9. WIAL’s Notice of Motion must be served on all submitters and the Councils.
  10. Any submitter who wishes to be involved in the hearing on the Application must file a notice in accordance with section 274 of the RMA within 15 workings days after the Notice of Motion is filed in the Environment Court.
  11. Following the filing of the Notice of Motion, the process is then in the hands of the Environment Court. This process may include mediation and/or expert conferencing in the lead up to the hearing.
  12. A hearing by the Environment Court will then be held with a decision following in accordance with the Court’s timetable.

Please note this is only a general overview of the anticipated resource consenting process for the Application. Expert advice should be obtained if a more detailed explanation of the anticipated statutory process is required.